No Worries – Part 2

noworriescropped1500The visitor sipped the remainder of his beverage, realising that during his drink with his young accomplice, he had no longer been feeling so hurried to meet the boy who could not worry. He paused for a moment and took a breath. Then he arose from his seat.

“I feel it is time for me to meet this boy without worry now,” expressed the visitor, looking at Cecil. “Would you care to join me?”

“Ah, no thanks,” replied Cecil. “My parents say not to speak with Jerry, since he may take away all chance I have at worrying when I’m older.”

“I see,” said the visitor, concerned. Before he could try to convince Cecil otherwise, Cecil was in the air.

“I’ll come back to say goodbye in an hour’s time,” he called cheerfully from above, and off he flew into the distance.

The visitor turned to face the cottage and began his approach towards the door. He was a few steps from the oak-laden entrance, when he heard melodic whistling coming from behind him. He turned to see a young man walking towards him, looking at him with a calm gaze, as if he was in no way surprised to see a stranger at his door.

This young man was not carrying the trouble of the ordinary teen.

“Jerry, I presume?” asked the visitor, knowingly.

“Yes, come in Albert,” said Jerry, to the absolute amazement of his new guest. He had seen and heard of many gifts, but appearing to know a stranger’s name was one he had not heard of before.

As he clicked the door shut behind him, Jerry, out of habit, was about to ask Albert if he would like a drink, when he realised there was no point. Albert looked quite quenched.

The two sat down in unison, following Jerry’s gesture, facing each other in two cosy, welcoming armchairs. They could hear a clock ticking from somewhere, but no time seemed to be passing.

They sat there in silence. They looked at each other, and said nothing. All of Albert’s questions he had stored up had completely escaped him, as if he had lost them. He just remained there empty, without any concern at all. It felt strange at first, but then he began to relax into it. Then he began to laugh, quite uncontrollably at first. How wonderful it was to be without any worry at all! Not only to be without it, but to see the futility of it. All of his worries had never helped him in the slightest! How mad it all was!

He had always felt as if something was missing, as if something was not quite right. As he sat in this exquisitely comfortable chair, he felt this uneasy feeling had not been based on anything. He had always given a reason for it, explained it or justified it in some way, but it was just a belief he had purchased, in the same way he had purchased the drinks for Cecil! This belief that there was something missing, something undone, something not quite right, was now a myth to him!

Jerry was enjoying this revelation taking place within Albert, and also knew that he would soon be speaking with Cecil, who was now quietly peering in through the garden window, just behind and to the right of Jerry.

“My parents must be mad,” thought Cecil to himself. “Why would they worry? It doesn’t seem to have a useful purpose…” he could feel all of his worry abilities, presently in seed-form, being burnt within him, leaving him feeling even lighter, even freer, and he no longer found himself preoccupied with the approval of the next person he planned to meet! He sat down in the front garden, quite happy, for once, to not need to do or think of anything at all.

Cecil overheard the two in the house exchange thanks and gratitude, soon after which he saw his drinking partner emerge from the front door. The two acknowledged each other with a gentle nod, as they began to walk together, back to where they had first met.

They didn’t feel they needed to fly anymore today. They were happy to enjoy the walk, to enjoy not needing to be elsewhere, to simply walk on the Earth. Flying was wonderful, and was surely useful, but just for now, they were happy to walk again.

They felt this indescribable joy in the absence of all worry. Albert was no longer carrying his past worries, and Cecil was no longer carrying his parents’. They could not explain what had happened, but they both knew that hiding beneath all worry, was a natural joy of being alive. Despite the fact that both could fly, they had never felt such a lightness.

After a beautifully uneventful walk together, they returned, after some while, to their meeting point. They stopped and faced each other. They knew that they would never be able to worry about anything for as long as they would live. Jerry had somehow taken their ability from them, and they were quite happy about it.

“Thanks for the drink,” said Cecil, looking up at his new friend, knowing this would not be the last time the two would meet.

“Thank you for your trustworthy guidance, my boy,” said Albert, smiling down at his accomplice. And with that, the two friends parted ways, Cecil into his house, and Albert into thin air.

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