A modern poem on a fly in my room, and the nature of the human mind.

There Is A Fly In My Room

A Poem

There is a fly in my room.
It doesn’t know it’s a fly.
It isn’t.
That’s just the name I’ve given him.
Or her.
It’s hard to tell.
It flies around like it’s looking for something.
Perhaps a way out.
Like us,
buzzing around all day trying to escape our own fears of what will happen if we don’t keep on buzzing.
Buzzing has its place.
But it doesn’t have to be constant.

– Adam Oakley

The Blueprint

Forget what they told you
you should be.
A man living in the blueprint of another
is like a snake trying to slide into another’s dead skin.
Forge your own way,
your own path,
your own sound,
your own voice,
flavoured by those you’ve admired,
but never governed by it.

– Adam Oakley


“Don’t try” – Charles Bukowski.

There is a balance between turning up, willing to work, and then being open enough for creativity to flow through you, rather you trying to control it Continue reading “Try”

Move Beyond

I wonder how much time I’ve wasted
worrying about things that either didn’t happen or didn’t matter.
I wonder how much time I’ve spent dreading or resisting things that I was always going to do, regardless.
They say time you enjoyed wasting was never wasted.
Perhaps I enjoyed it all.
Perhaps we all do.
The drama can be addictive.
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