Happiness Is Inside: 25 Inspirational Stories For Greater Peace Of Mind

Hello everyone. I have been paying so much attention to my main website http://www.InnerPeaceNow.com that I have neglected this website somewhat. But now that will change, and I can share with you one of my latest books:


Twenty-five fun, enjoyable and easy to read inspirational short stories that uncover the source of happiness and joy inside of you.

These self help stories point to a new way of thinking where you can be free from negativity and live a more grounded, joyful and easier life. 

There are many inspirational characters to meet and enjoy, including:

Bertram, who is experiencing a strange kind of burglary. They are looking for his peace of mind, and they can’t seem to find it. 

Arthur, a man of supernatural powers who is still in search of the only boy born without the ability to worry, a lion who is pleased to meet a man who has lost his old identity, and the men who are finding great difficulty opening the box with “Happiness Is Inside” written on it.

Enter a world where one girl finds the key to breaking free from a life of constant communication using only screens and keyboards, meet a bird who does not understand unhappiness, and meet man who is under threat from the Story-Snatcher removing his past.

Learn from a frog who finds joy in a swamp, find what dwells behind the market stall named “The End Of Your Problems”, and join a man who learns to put down all of the useless heavy baggage that he has been carrying for so long.

There is a new mask being worn around town with a mind of its own, a bee who finally finds what he was looking for, when he eventually stops searching, and a powerful and caring creature dwelling in the forest who is not as mythical as the children thought. The creature called the Earthman shares his knowledge with them, and the children begin to develop new powers of their own…

These well-written, inspirational short stories are like the good fables of old, each with a unique and powerful message of their own, showing you that happiness, connection and joy are waiting to be uncovered within you. 

Read the full book and experience it for yourself…

Previously published as “Spiritual Short Stories” and “Inner Peace Fables”.

Click here to read Kindle/Paperback on Amazon

Click here for PDF eBook on InnerPeaceNow.com

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