Conquering Fear

People often think that fear holds us back in a negative way. It is actually how we treat fear that makes it become a hindrance…

If you treat the energy of fear with acceptance, if you say “Yes” to it without hating its presence, then it has the power to keep us away from potential danger, or it gives us the power to fight against inevitable threats.

If we say “Yes” to fear, it fuels us, it becomes transmuted into higher energy. If we say “Yes” to fear, then it no longer holds us back from doing what is ultimately good for us. It actually spurs us on.

Be an alchemist of your own energy by saying “Yes” to it. “Yes” transforms fear, “Yes” heals fear, and “Yes” allows you to flow in life more easily.


This is something that this book touches on – when Myasako has to use his ninja skills in an attempt to save someone else, he has become so used to dealing with his fear that he is no longer held back by it. His habitual acceptance of fear means that it makes him alert and ready, but not so afraid that he stays home in his bed, without the courage to save his guardian who is walking into a terrible trap…

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