The Artistry Of Benjamin Banks

A story for adults only. Viewer discretion is advised.

When Barry and I saw her, we were dumbstruck. I remember I couldn’t actually think, nothing was rising up in my mind, and I just watched her, completely dumbfounded, like I had never seen a woman before. She was walking in our direction, with sunglasses on, along the sand of the beach, with her hand in her hair, ruffling it as she was walking. Her hair was long and brown, and her skin was dark and golden, and her body was a perfect curved-lined perfection, lightly and revealingly dressed as she sunk into the sand, foot by foot, sinking just a little as she walked. Barry was never one to say anything to a woman. He was worse than me. He became small and shy and afraid, like he might burst if one came too close to him. Sometimes I was like that as well, but I knew I would be plagued with regret if I didn’t at least do something to get her attention.

I didn’t know what to say though, all my little rehearsals of what I would say to a woman like her next time I was to see one, had all completely escaped me. I didn’t know what I was going to say, but my mouth opened and I let it speak. As she was approaching us, I said,

“You shouldn’t wear glasses like that.” I sounded quite firm and authoritative, and in my spontaneity, I felt completely exposed, but also tremendously free.

“What?” she said, stopping and looking at me sideways, lifting her fingers up to her sunglasses. Her voice was french and smooth and silky, like she could speak in front of thousands as if she was talking to just a few.

“Your glasses,” I said, pointing at them as she touched them. “You shouldn’t be wearing them like that.”

Barry had began to filter off away from me. I was very grateful for this, and I’m still not sure if he did it on purpose, to aid the situation, or if he grew too fearful of her asking him a direct question.

“What do you mean?” she asked. I had her interest now. She had fully stopped, and did not seem to feel threatened by me. She sounded more concerned about her glasses.

“If you look at the inside of them,” I said, “you’ll see what I mean.”

She took them off and I was blown away. She was perfect. Just perfect, the depth of her eyes, the shape, the mystical blue colour that seemed to have so much richness within it. She was inspecting the inside of her glasses, and I moved in closer to her. I just touched her finger with my own as I took hold of the glasses and pointed to the centre.

“Look, see. Now, try them on now.” I had the glasses and I put them on her face, gently, but without hesitation. I couldn’t believe how well it was going, and I said,

“There, you see, you see how beautiful you look now? Before you were looking tired and weary, but now you look so vibrant and fresh. Just that little change to the inside of the glasses means they sit on your head completely differently now. You look like a different woman.”

I could tell she wanted to see her reflection, so I took my own sunglasses from my pocket, and I raised them up in front of me so that I could see my reflection in them. Then I beckoned her to come closer beside me, so she could see her own reflection. It was just enough, our bodies touching just slightly, and that was it. She felt safe with me now.

“Do you see?” I said. “Until just now I didn’t think you were anything special, but now you look rather good.”

She was confused, amused, intrigued. And then we began talking. All I needed was that casual introduction, where she didn’t feel like I was just trying to have a night with her like every other man who would approach her. And once we started talking, that was it. We just clicked. I was funny. I didn’t come on too strong. I made fun of her and complimented her at the same time, and she laughed and threw her hair back and touched my shoulder. As we were about to walk away to get a drink, I was glad to see Barry, sitting by the shore in the sand, actually talking to a young lady himself. He caught my eye as we were leaving, and I pointed to the little drinks shack in the distance. He gave me a thumbs up.

>> Click here for Part 2 <<

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